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In 1994, the company Audex was registered. After 2 years, it entered to the TOP-10 of the fastest growing audit and consulting groups in Russia according to the version of RA Expert 

The RAEX Agency (RAEX-Analytics) published a rating of audit companies for the year 2018. 

During the trip to the republic of Tatarstan  the President of the RF, Vladimir Putin,  met with the members of public for discussion of the national project « Residence and urban environment».

Airat Gimadutdinov, managing partner of Audex, was thanked by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for many years of fruitful work and active public activity.

Managing partner of Audex Ayrat Gimadutdinov and Head of Tax and Legal Consulting Department Ildar Khusnutdinov, as part of the delegation of SRO Russian Union of auditors (RSA), took part in the XX World Congress of Accountants and Auditors, which was held from 5 to 8 November in Sydney and gathered more than 6 thousand delegates from 130 countries.

The analytical agency RAEX published the lists of the largest companies and groups in the field of accounting outsourcing

The rating of audit and consulting companies in Russia has published by Kommersant newspaper.

On May 26, the regular Congress of the SRO "Russian Union of auditors" (Association) was held which reviewed the results of the work of the SRO RUA for the past period and approved priority areas for SRO activities in 2018-2019.


Rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) has made the next annual rating "Russian audit-2017". At the end of 2017, Audex was included in the top 30 largest audit groups and networks in Russia.

April 24-25 in Ufa took place the Volga stage of the forum "Community", which is annually held by the Public Chamber of Russia.



The award ceremony of the first Professional Prize for participants of the real estate market of Kazan and Tatarstan - "RECOGNITION-2017" was held. The company "Audex" in the name of the Evaluation Department became the best in the nomination "Valuation company of the year".

Audex received accreditation of the Football Union of Russia. LLC «Football Union of Russia» has included Audex to the list of audit companies for the conducting of an independent audit of professional clubs participating in professional competitions.

SRO “Russian Union of Auditors” (RUA) held an ordinary reporting General meeting on 30 May. 6713 members of SRO RUA came to Moscow from 77 regions of the Russian Federation to participate at the meeting, where they reviewed the work of SRO in 2016 and approved the area of priorities for 2017-2018.

Practical conference “Implementation of international audit standards” was held on May 18 in Kazan organized by self-regulatory organization “Russian Union of Auditors”. (SRO RUA)

Audex improves its position in the Top 25 largest auditor groups
Rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) updated the annual rating of audit companies “Russian audit 2016”. By the results of 2016, Audex is in the top 25 Russian largest audit groups and networks.

Company of leaders is the company of the future!
XVII Audex conference took place 4 March 2017, with the management and staff as participants. The management of the company and departments provided their reports on the progress over the previous year and announced company’s goals for the upcoming period.




"Kommersant Money" magazine has published the ranking of the Russian’s audit and consulting companies in 2015. According to the results of 2015, «Audex» entered to the top - 50 largest audit companies of Russia, taking 26th place (30th place in 2014).

The company’s total revenue from the providing audit services for 2015 was the main criteria for evaluation of companies. The ranking also includes the next criteria: active time on the market (years), number of companies where the Company was an official auditor of annual financial statements for the year ended 31.12.2014,   per client average revenue from providing audit and headcount.

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