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Services Audit


We have been providing independent audit of the highest quality for 25 years. Largest companies of Tatarstan and Russia have already chosen us.

Why Audex?

  • Audex is consistently included  to the TOP-35 of audit groups and chains for 2018 in Russia.*
  • Professionalism and high-quality service.
    Our specialists have a vast experience of working with companies form various sectors and use latest audit technologies.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
    You can always be sure that our specialists take care of their reputation and reputation of our clients as they follow ethical standards for auditors.
  • Standards compliance.
    In the course of audit we use intracompany methods and standards that are constantly updated along with improvement of the project practice..
  • Trust-based relations with our clients.
    We set a high value on development of trust-based relations with our clients and it is of the same importance as accuracy of our reports and high level of services we provide.
  • Tax protection.
    Practical and concrete recommendations of experienced specialists of Audex will help you to reduce tax violation risks and find reserves for tax optimization.

    *According to Raiting agency RAEX, 2019

Audit technologies:

Audit in Audex is based on the special programme Audit-Standard. This programme helps auditors to adhere to all legal requirements on audit and minimize cost of audit by automatic unload of client's accounting data into the programme of the auditor.
  • Audit according to the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS)

    Audex has been providing audit services in Tatarstan and Russia for 25 years. Audex offers statutory audit, tax and accounting audit, investment fund audit, insurance company audit and bank audit.
  • IFRS services

    Audex has successful experience of project execution based on consolidated IFRS accounting.
  • Tax audit

    During tax audit we study data for each tax accordingly, conduct comprehensive or specific tax bookkeeping audit.

  • Audit of insurance companies

    Audit of insurance companies involves conducting independent examination of books of accounts in order to evaluate their accuracy.
  • Audit controlling

    This type of audit is performed for the benefits of the owner and enables to get more information about the audited entity than is shown by the audit reports and to make a statement about the effectiveness of managing decisions of executives by independent and high-qualified experts.
  • Investment fund audit

    Investment fund audit is examination of books of accounts conducted in order to evaluate its accuracy.
  • Compliance audit

    Compliance audit helps to checks if the organization and its staff adhere to the requirements of international, Russian and in case of activity abroad - foreign legislation as well as to internal normative and administrative documents, decisions of governing bodies.
  • Comprehensive personnel testing

    WEBTESTMASTER is an information service for professional testing of accounting, economic and legal departments' specialists. 
  • Elaboration of internal control system

    Internal control is a set of measures aimed to provide accuracy of accounting data (operational, management accounting), prevention of misstatements and  wrongful acts, property control.
  • Revision of financial and economic activities

    It is a system of compulsory controlling activities connected with document audit and ex-post review of validity and relevancy of business and financing transactions of the audited organization for the audited period, their accuracy in recordkeeping and legality of managerial and chief accountant's acts.
  • Property and inventory audit

    Auditor helps you to inspect inventory stocks, observe the established procedures for inventory stocks safety control and recognition of inventory results in accounts, take proof of reliability of procedures provided by the management of the audited entity, minimizes risks of merely observing formalities during the inventories.

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