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Tax audit

Tax audit is an independent assessment of tax and accounting reports, which enables to provide an independent opinion about:
  • financial accounting;
  • accuracy of calculations and tax payment for the audited period;
  • status of charge with budget and non-budget foundations.

You may need tax audit in the following cases:

  • You are expecting to have a field tax audit and want to be confident in the accuracy of tax accounting in your organization.
  • You changed (or are planning to change) your chief accountant. Tax audit will help.
  • You to detect mistakes and also will help the new accountant to correct all the mistakes found and minimize tax risks. It guarantees accurate hand over of responsibilities and minimization of risks.
  • You want to assess risks and arrange your accounting records before tax inspection.
  • You want to find ways of tax optimization and legal ways to decrease tax burden.
  • You buy an enterprise (as one of the elements of due diligence).

Ordering tax audit in Audex, YOU GET:

  • indication of cases of tax violation and tax consequences in case of their finding;
  • recommended practices for remedial measures for detected violations of tax legislation;
  • elaboration of new practices of general system of taxation and its constituting elements;
  • elaboration of procedural, institutional and managerial strategies aimed to create a continuous system of tax planning;
  • implementation of recommendation about the adaptation of the elements and ledgers.

We transfer tax audit report and recommendations directly to the client. 

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed as transfer of these documents to the government authorities is not allowed.

Conduct tax audit in order to be confident in the accurate performance of the tax accounting in your company.

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