Labour law and HR audit services
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Labour law and HR audit services

Labour law services:

  • Consulting about labour law application verbally or in written form.
  • Elaboration of questionnaires for attestation of HR and legal services specialists.
  • Legal assistance in pre-court settlement procedure of individual labour disputes: making applications, acts on labour discipline infrigements.
  • Representation of employers during the course of labour legal disputes (including recovery of damage inflicted to employer) and in process of enforcement.
  • Appeal of orders, schedules and rulings (forfeitures) of administrative authorities, including judicial proceeding.
  • Consulting about employees' benefits.

 HR recordkeeping services

  • 21.10.2015
    Legal assistance in HR recordkeeping

    Specialists of legal consulting will handle all the matters related to legal assistance of HR recordkeeping of your enterprise.

    This service is suitable for all types of enterprises including those with no HR department or if there is no employee (an accountant, secretary or other part-time employee) who would perform the functions of an HR specialist.

  • 21.10.2015
    Reconstruction of HR recordkeeping "Kadrovik+"

    Reconstruction of HR recordkeeping will help you to keep HR paperwork in compliance with the current labour and tax legislation, create optimized HR recordkeeping system, use labour recourses of enterprise efficiently and reduce possible potential risks of administrative liability for labour violation.
  • 21.10.2015
    Building HR recordkeeping from the ground up

    This service is suitable for newly established or recreated  enterprises as well as for organizations without current HR recordkeeping.

    We will help you to setup and implement HR recordkeeping in strict compliance with the current legislation and tailored to your requests and interests.

  • 21.10.2015
    Brief analysis of HR recordkeeping

    We offer you to conduct a basic analysis of HR recordkeeping efficiency of your enterprise absolutely free and it will take us only one work day to conduct it.

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