Litigation support
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Litigation support

Legal department of Audex offers a wide range of litigation support services in Arbitrazh courts, courts of general jurisdiction and subordinate courts in cases of civil, corporate, labour, administrative and other disputes:

  • Tax and accounting consultations.
  • Real estate title disputes.
  • Disputes over sale or purchase, supply agreements, construction contracts etc.
  • Transactions disputes (recognition of transactions to be invalid).
  • Disputes over modification or dissolution of contracts.
  • Bankruptcy disputes.
  • Corporate disputes.
  • Administrative disputes.
  • Disputes with public authorities etc.


  1. Pre-trial dispute settlement (including claim settlement).

  2. Familiarization with the case file.

  3. Analysis of the case file.

  4. Preparation of claim form, petitions of appeal, cassation and supervisory appeals, petitions, and other statements of case.

  5. Representing entities in all judicial authorities.

  6. Litigation consulting.

  7. Assistance in collection of adjudged money during execution proceedings.

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