Вы уверены в правильности налогового учета вашей компании? Подробнее

420021, Saf'yan street,8, Kazan


  • Audit

    We have been providing independent audit of the highest quality for more than 20 years. Largest companies of Tatarstan and Russia have already chosen us.

  • Tax and accounting consultancy

    Audex offers comprehensive assistance in solving complicated accounting and tax matters. Our consultants provide argumentative and reliable recommendations that help to protect your interests and minimize possible problems with tax authorities. We provide the majority of our verbal consultations in real time and with a nuanced approach to every specific problem. It guarantees you first-line support in the most difficult situations.

  • Legal consultancy

    Effective solutions for legal protection of your business.

  • Assessment

    Assessment of real estate (including assessment for mortgage), property, business, equipment etc.

  • IT consulting

    Automation of sales, inventory, purchases records and 1C-based maintenance of accounting records.

  • Seminars

    Programmes for professional training of finance, economics, personnel and legal departments of enterprises.

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