Accounting services and bookkeeping
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Services Tax and accounting consultancy Accounting services and bookkeeping

Accounting services and bookkeeping

Accounting services

  • Maintenance of accounting records and preparation of financial statements in accordance with Russian GAAP and IFRS.
  • Maintenance of accounting records for branches and subsidiaries ща foreign companies Preparation and filing of tax returns to tax office, in hard copy or electronic ally.
  • Filing reports to Pension fund and social security administration.
  • Maintenance of income and expenditure ledger Payroll accounting Processing of documents required for social and property-related tax refunds and preparation of personal income tax returns.
  • Zero balance accounting.

The fee for our service is negotiated individually and depends on the tax system adopted by the entity and intensity of document flow. Our services are more cost-efficient in comparison with average salary of professional accountants.

Outsourcing of accounting function to a professional service organization enables you:

  1. to reduce the cost of maintenance and training of accounting department;
  2. to reduce expenses on office equipment and accounting software;
  3. to file your tax returns to tax authorities accurately and timely;
  4. to select the most tax-beneficial methods of accounting treatment of transactions;
  5. to be protected by our financial responsibility to clients;
  6. to be ensured in confidentiality of provided information;
  7. to benefit from unique experience and knowledge of professional accountants and tax advisors of Audex;
  8. to employ English and German speaking professionals.

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